CMM 2017-05-14

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fifth Month 14, 2017

Attending:  8

5.1  The meeting opened with worship.

5.2  Fourth Month Minutes:  Friends recognized that the Fourth Month minutes had been approved as they were written.  No printed copy was available at this Fifth Month Meeting, so we agreed that the minutes did not need to be approved again.

5.3  Budget Committee Report:  The fiscal year is 92% gone and only 85% of the budgeted funds have been collected.  This apparent shortfall is not a problem because many committee expenses have been less than we budgeted for.  Therefore the shortfall in donations has been matched by a shortfall in expenses.  The budget committee predicts that we will make all budgeted donations to other organizations (NEYM, AFSC, etc.) and have paid all our expenses and end the year in the black.

5.4  Budget for 2017-2018:  The fiscal year ends Fifth Month 31, 2017.  The budget committee proposed a balanced budget for next year with total income and total expenses of $25,766.  This budget is slightly more than our predicted actuals for this year, and slightly less than we budgeted a year ago.  We adopted the proposed budget with no modifications (see attached) so that we will not start the fiscal year (Sixth Month 1, 2017 - Fifth Month 31, 2018) with no adopted budget.  Committees and individuals are encouraged to contact the budget committee with suggested modifications.

5.5  Solar Committee:  The committee reported that there has been little progress during the past month.  They are waiting to hear from South Congregational Church about whether they will partner with us on the project.  If they do not find another organization to partner with, they may encourage individual households with Unitil meters to consider partnering with the project.  It is possible that organizational/legal hurdles may make the project unfeasible.

5.6  Nominating Committee Report: The committee presented a full report for next year. Some changes included: Ruth Heath will be replaced by Richard Kleinschmidt as a co-clerk; Dave Woolpert will be replaced by Chris Haigh as treasurer; Greg Heath will be formally named Communications Assistant; PSECC Committee is reactivated with Dave Woolpert as convener. Based on suggestions from those gathered, we made several changes to committee appointments. We then approved the modified list, which is attached.  We asked the outgoing Nominating Committee to suggest a sixth person for the committee on Ministry and Counsel.

5.7  Donation to Cuba Yearly Meeting:  Three people from Dover Quarterly Meeting are journeying to Cuba and they will visit the Quarter’s sister Meeting in Holguin and other meetings in Cuba Yearly Meeting.  The Quarter pledged to donate $500 to Cuba Yearly Meeting.  Our Meeting decided to send $100 from unrestricted funds to the Quarter to assist with this pledge.

5.8  The meeting closed with worship, purposing to meet again on Sixth Month 4, 2017.  [Note that the date is first First Day, not second First Day.]

Submitted by

ad hoc Recording Clerk, Richard Kleinschmidt

Presiding Co-Clerk, Mark Barker

Concord Monthly Meeting Budget
Concord Monthly Meeting Budget Planning 2017 Projection Actuals - Current FY Current 2016 - 2017 Budget Proposed 2017 - 2018 Budget Variance: proposed budget less 2016 vs. 2017 projection
      Contributions 23,897 24,992 24,746 849
      Interest Income 216 2 220 4
      Rental income 710 800 800 90
Total Income 24,823 25,794 25,766 943
           Budget Committee 40 45 20 (20)
           Hospitality 120 180 180 60
           Library - 80 80 80
           Ministry and Counsel Committee 116 175 175 59
           Outreach - Web Site Expense 231 212 240 9
           Outreach - Other 125 259 260 135
           Peace & Social Concerns 100 100 100 -
           Youth & Religious Ed. Committee 34 300 300 266
      Total Program 767 1,351 1,355 588
           Building Maintenance 560 750 600 40
           Debt Service 3,806 3,806 3,806 (0)
           Donation (to town) in Lieu of Taxes 300 300 300 -
           Electricity 948 1,296 1,000 52
           Grounds 100 100 100 -
           Insurance 1,575 1,704 1,700 125
           Replacement Reserve Expense 5,253 5,253 5,411 158
           Snow Removal 1,895 1,700 2,000 105
           Supplies - Bldg. & Maintenance 188 180 185 (3)
           Wood Pellets 1,237 1,500 1,300 63
      Total Property 15,863 16,589 16,402 539
           AFSC 1,428 1,428 1,457 29
           Dover Quarterly Meeting 10 10 10 -
           FCNL 128 128 131 3
           Friends Camp 265 265 270 5
           FWCC 56 56 57 1
           Interfaith Council 50 50 50 -
           NEYM - Equalization Fund 255 255 260 5
           NEYM - General Fund 5,408 5,408 5,516 108
           NH Council of Churches 50 50 50 -
           Woolman Hill 204 204 208 4
      Total Support 7,854 7,854 8,009 155
Total Expense 24,484 25,794 25,766 1,281
Net Income 339 0 0 (339)

Prepared by Greg Heath 2017-05-13

Page 1

Concord Friends Meeting Officers and Committee Members for 6/2017 to 5/2018

Approved by Meeting for Worship with attention to Business Fifth Month 14, 2017

Committee appointments may be adjusted during the year.  Contact members of the committee to express an interest.

Role or Committee 1, 2, 3, 4 Members (alphabetically by first name) C=clerk/convener, eo=ex officio (term ending year)
Presiding Co-Clerks of Meeting Mark Barker

Richard Kleinschmidt
Recording Clerk Jone LaBombard
Treasurer Chris Haigh
Recorder Jone LaBombard
Bookkeeper Greg Heath
Budget Committee Bookkeeper, eo

Jonah Sutton-Morse

Treasurer, eo
Communications Assistant Greg Heath
Fundraising Committee (to be addressed when needed)
Hospitality Coördinator Sara Smith
Hospitality Workers Gini Barker

Greg Heath

Kathy Urie

Paula Werme

Penny Petkiewicz

Sara Smith
Landscape Design Committee (ad hoc) Faith Sillars

Greg Heath (convener)

Jon Hall
Library Committee Kathy Urie

Mark Barker (convener)
Ministry and Counsel Committee Kathy Mercer

Mark Barker

Richard Kleinschmidt

Rob Spencer (convener)

Ruth Heath
Nominating Committee Greg Heath (2019)

Kathy Urie (2021)

Rich Kleinschmidt (2020)

Rob Spencer (2018 and convener)
Outreach Committee Mark Barker

Ruth Heath (convener)

Sara Smith
Peace, Social and Earth Care Concerns (PSECC) Charles Friou

Dave Woolpert (convener)

Faith Sillars

Kathy Urie

Richard Kleinschmidt
Property Committee Faith Sillars

Greg Heath (convener)

J J Smith

Jon Hall

Paula Werme
Youth Religious Education Committee Ruth Heath (convener)

Jone LaBombard

Kathy Urie
Web Clerk Mark Barker
AFSC - NH Support Committee Representatives (serve a three-year term from Ninth Month of the first year through Eighth Month of the third year, renewable once) Charles Friou (2014-2017)

Rob Spencer (2015-2018)
AFSC - Northeast Region Executive Committee (NEREC) Member Mark Barker (2017-2019)
Beacon Hill Friends House Dover Quarter Representative Mark Barker
Greater Concord Interfaith Council Representatives Lucy Nichols

Rob Spencer
NEYM Ministry and Counsel Representatives J J Smith

Mark Barker
NEYM Permanent Board Sara Smith
NEYM Publications and Communications Mark Barker
Woolman Hill Board Members Kathryn Cranford

Pat Wallace

Virginia Barker


1 Romans 12:3-8

2 1st Corinthians 12:4-31

3 Isaac Penington in Quaker Faith & Practice of Britain Yearly Meeting, passage 10.27

4 Beatrice Saxon Snell in Quaker Faith & Practice of Britain Yearly Meeting, passage 12.08